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I will always do what’s best for you. I’ve been fixing for a decade now and I have continued to learn this whole time.

Battery Replacement

Stop by if you need your smartphone battery changed. We stock most batteries and change them out in minutes so you don’t have to be without your essential communication device in these times.

iPad Issues

Collection of iPads fixed before opening. I work hard to make sure the devices get back into my clients hands asap.

Is your device not charging?

Don't worry I can fix that

Shorted IC

Internally shorted wifi ic on a galaxy s2 that made the phone dead. Well I got it back on and the guy can use his phone again.

Protect your iPhone and iPad!

We only sell original or MFi certified cables and before we sell them we test them. Not only in our tester but also by tearing the cable apart to see inside. Check my YouTube channel to see my tear down and explanation as to why you only should be using original lightning cables with your iOS device.

Logic Board Repair

I specialize in logic board repair, including Microsoldering! Got an issue with your tech? Pop by today